Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. is a community-based behavioral health care organization committed to fostering healthy lifestyles through individualized prevention and treatment strategies.


Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. will:

Be recognized as the premier innovative leader and collaborator in behavioral health services;

Save and improve lives by developing a seamless continuum of care through progressive and proven programs of individualized care;

Increase awareness and promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle throughout all levels of family, business, and community at large; and

Maintain a highly trained board of directors and professional staff, a diversified funding base, current technological capacity, an organizational commitment to meet growing needs, and a system for continuous outcome measurement to gauge the effectiveness of our services.


Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. believes that any individual suffering from mental, emotional, behavioral, familial, medical or substance abuse problems has the right to competent, professional treatment and care. This treatment and care should not be cost prohibitive. All persons should have equal access to services regardless of their ability to pay, or their race, ethnicity, age, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or developmental disabilities, HIV infection, AIDS related complex or AIDS.

Solutions believes in treating the whole individual. The agency believes in developing an individualized service plan that is generated with the client’s input to meet the personalized goals.

However, Solutions also believes that the only effective treatment for substance abuse or dependency is abstinence. While every effort will be made by the agency to formulate treatment plans in line with client goals and objectives; the agency cannot condone any treatment of substance abuse, which does not have as its final goal the client abstaining from the use of those substances to which he/she is addicted. Although it is recognized that there are schools of though that believe that partial abstinence may be possible, Solutions does not believe, to date, that enough research has been done to justify partial usage treatment.

When the philosophy of the Agency comes in conflict with that of the individual seeking treatment, a mutual understanding between the counselor and the client regarding the exact nature of treatment must be reached.

In general, this particular philosophy applies only to substance abusing/dependent clients. Clients with other mental, emotional or behavioral problems will be provided every available service of Solutions, and every attempt will be made to work with the client toward his/her personalized goals and objectives.

In summary, Solutions believes that all human beings have the right to appropriate treatment. Every effort will be made by the agency and its staff to provide professional treatment to the citizens of Medina County.

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Please call (330)723-9600 to schedule a Diagnostic Assessment or to engage in Solutions’ services.

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