Outpatient Treatment

Some of the outpatient services provided by Solutions Behavioral Healthcare include the following:

· Diagnostic Assessment

· Psychiatric Evaluations

· Group Counseling

· Adult Intensive Outpatient Program for alcohol and drug issues

· Behavioral Health Counseling and Therapy

· Individual, Group, Relationship, and Family

· Brief, Strategic, Solution Focused Therapy

· Pharmacologic Management for mental health issues

· Consultation

· Intervention


Family Intervention ReSponse Team (FIRST)

The FIRST Program is designed to work with  families whose children and adolescents are:

· At risk of out-of-home placement, and/or

· Transitioning back home, and/or

· Requires intensive services to stabilize in the community.

FIRST programming is designed for families to provide a wrap around level of treatment and support that will optimize the chances for maintaining a child in his/her home environment or within the least restrictive environment as possible. Services include:

· Intensive Home Based Counseling

· Transitional Aged Youth Counseling

· Outpatient Counseling

· Psychiatric Services

· Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment

· Family Resource Specialists

Urgent Services

Solutions provides urgent services during regular business hours. County wide psychiatric emergency services are available through Alternative Paths at (330)725-9195.


Solutions Intervention Process

Solutions offers an Intervention Process based upon the Johnson Institute Model of Intervention.  The goal is to gain commitment to recovery by the chemically dependent person and engage them into appropriate treatment.  The process involves family members and/or significant others.

The steps of the process include:

· Step One: Identifying appropriate participants.

· Step Two: Educating participants about the disease of chemical dependency and about the Intervention Process.

· Step Three: Having participants write letters of concern to the chemically dependent person.

· Step Four: Having participants role-play the intervention.

· Step Five: Doing the actual Intervention.

The Intervention Process entails a total of about five hours and three separate meetings.

The Intervention Specialist and contact person is Harold Jowers LISW-S LICDC.


Community Services and Prevention Programs

Solutions provides a wide range of community services and prevention programs designed to promote a more accurate understanding of mental health and alcohol and other drug related issues. Theses services include:

· Consultation with the Medina County Schools to develop and implement prevention and intervention services.

· Educational/informational presentations and trainings.

· Drug Free Workplace Trainings


Driver Intervention Program

Solutions provides a monthly 72-hour residential education/intervention program for court-referred adults convicted of DUI

offenses. The program strives to:

· Motivate “social drinker” to adopt more responsible attitudes and choices about drinking and driving.

· Identify participants who appear to have developed patterns of alcohol and/or other drug use and refer them for further evaluation and treatment.

· Educate each participant about alcohol and other drug use and abuse.



Fees for Service

Solutions outpatient services are available to all Medina County residents on a sliding fee scale basis, according to a person’s ability to pay.  No one is denied services provided by Solutions because of inability to pay.  Our outpatient services are covered by most major health insurance plans.  We also receive supplemental federal, state, and local funding support from the Medina County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Board.  Solutions does not discriminate in provision of services or employment on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, physical or mental handicap, lifestyle, HIV/AIDS positive, developmental disability or financial status.  Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and services provider and provides reasonable accommodations for disabled clients and employees.


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Fees Effective 1/1/2014

Diagnostic Assessment

(Per Hour)

Alcohol and Drug:            

Mental Health:          

$ 96.24


Individual Counseling

(Per Hour)

Alcohol and Drug:            

Mental Health:                 

$ 86.72

$ 90.00

Psychiatric Evaluation

(Per Hour)               

$ 210.80

Psychiatric Follow Up

(Per Hour)       

$ 205.16

Group Counseling

(Per Group Cost)

Alcohol and Drug

2 Hour Group:                  

Intensive Outpatient:



$ 76.16

$ 105.37

Group Counseling

(Per Hour Cost)

Mental Health

1 Hour Group: 

2 Hour Group         



$ 38.72

$ 77.44

Intervention Process

Alcohol and Drug

(Approx. 3 Sessions)



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