Treatment & Services in Medina, OH

People searching for counseling options for alcohol addiction, drug addiction and mental health can turn to the professionals at Solutions Behavioral Healthcare for assistance. We work with group, families and individuals for prevention solutions and treatments. We work with individuals and the community to foster a greater understanding of addiction and behavioral problems. Education is always a major goal, and we can help identify risk factors and signs in people's lives.

Outpatient Treatment

We provide an intensive outpatient program. At Solutions Behavioral Healthcare, we conduct full psychiatric evaluations and assessments. We also work with people who may have trouble managing their pharmacological needs. We even provide advice regarding diet and exercise programs to those trying to find a new balance in their lives.

FIRST Outpatient Counseling

FIRST outpatient counseling is available to clients and their family members of the FIRST program at Solutions Behvaiorl Healthcare with the goal being to divert from needing Intensive Home Based Treatment and /or to step down from Intensive Home Based Treatment.

Intensive Home Based Treatment (IHBT)

IHBT is a relatively short-term, intensive, family-based program that focuses on stabilizing and resolving those family issues that may lead to out-of-home placements of children/adolescent.

IHBT therapists work in the home, school, and community and collaborate with schools, court, and job and family services as appropriate.

IHBT will provide services to the child/adolescent/family a minimum of 2x/week, 1 1/2 hours/session for approximately 90 days followed by a transition to other levels of care as needed. Services are flexible and are provided at times that meet the individual and family needs. Crisis response is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Recidivism Prevention Specialist

Recidivism Prevention Specialist provides outreach and case management services to any Solutions behavioral Healthcare client using our alcohol or drug treatment services. Recidivism Prevention Specialist provides client advocacy in coordinating with other agencies and wrap-around services.

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST)

CPSTs provide linkage, coordination, education, advocacy, outreach, and support to families. They also provide medication and symptom monitoring, and help individuals and families strengthen and build social skills. They assist families in accessing natural support systems and linkage to community resources. CPSTs will assist individuals and families by developing a wrap around system of care and community collaboration to help maintain children/adolescents within their own homes.

Family Resource Specialists (FRS)

Family Resource Specialists provide support both within the home and in the community. Services provided by a FRS may include tutoring, mentoring, short-term respite for parents, and assisting children in their ability to develop positive community and social experiences through structured social and recreational activities. Family Resource Specialists are available to a youth during Intensive Home Based Treatment only.

Transitional Age Youth Specialist (TAYS)

TAYS is home based IHBT/CPST based service for youth aged 14-22 who have a diagnosable mental illness that has led to impaired functioning in one or more life domains. Examples of life domains include housing, education and employment, quality of life and functioning and life skills. TAYS youth are interdependent, seeking their own identity and independence while still partially dependent on the support of family members, caregivers and service providers. Best practices for serving transition-age youth incorporate the principles of recovery, resiliency and cultural competence. In addition, the overall care must be youth-guided and family-driven. TAYS works in the home, school, and community and collaborate with schools, court, and job and family services as appropriate.

Our Experienced Professionals

Our staff includes psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, nurse practitioners and social workers. Our team is knowledgeable and provides specialized care for every need. Our staff can also explain how the intervention process works.

We're available for regular consultations every weekday. Our clinic is also able to handle emergencies. Call us today to request an appointment (330) 723-9600.